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Cutting Board Care

You are now the proud owner of an original INTERLOCK handcrafted hardwood cutting board. Slight imperfections and color variations in the domestic and exotic hardwoods enhance the unique character of our kitchenware. Your Interlock cutting board has been treated with Wood Glow--our blend of beeswax and USP-grade mineral oil.

Studies have shown that wood better than plastic inhibits the growth of bacteria. With proper care, your cutting board will provide many years of outstanding service.

DO NOT put your cutting board in the dishwasher or leave it soaking in water. Wood is porous and will soak up water causing the board to crack when it dries. All cutting boards should be kept dry when not in use. Resident bacteria survive only a few hours without moisture.

Season your new board with Wood Glow. The mineral oil fills the wood pores to repel food particles, liquids and oils, while the beeswax establishes a water-resistant barrier. Reapply when the wood looks "thirsty."

Wiping with the grain, apply a generous amount of Wood Glow to the entire surface. (Don't forget the back of the board and the sides.) Wait an hour or so then wipe-off the excess oil with a dry cloth.

During the seasoning process "fuzzing" or roughness is to be expected when the board is exposed to moisture. Use a scrubby or sandpaper to exfoliate the raised wood fibers, then treat with Wood Glow or mineral oil.

Clean your board thoroughly after every use. The USDA recommends that you wash the board with hot water and soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

To disinfect:  Wipe with full-strength white vinegar which is a good disinfectant against E. Coli and salmonella. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

To neutralize onion and garlic odors rub a lemon wedge on the cutting board surface. Another method is to sprinkle baking soda then add water to make a thin paste. Let sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Don't use vegetable or cooking oils to season your boards. Over time organic oils can become rancid and contaminate the board.

Store your cutting boards flat to prevent warping. Don't leave them in a dish drainer to dry--will cause warping over time.
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