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functional wooden art for your home
Fiddle Bow Knives - Handcrafted Wooden Chopping Blocks and Cutting Boards -

Functional Art for the Gourmet Cook

Interlock Woodworking cutting boards and chopping blocks are handcrafted from both domestic and exotic hardwoods harvested from sustainable forests. The vibrant colors and grain patterns are derived from the natural woods--no stains or dyes are ever used.

All of the boards and the Fiddle Bow Knife handles are sealed with Wood Glow--our blend of mineral oil and beeswax.

The assortment of our exotic wood boards varies throughout the year and it is, therefore, impossible to keep a current inventory pictured on the website. If you saw a particular board at one of the shows, describe it to me in an e-mail.  Better yet, it you took a photo with your cell phone e-mail it. Either way, I'll send you back photos of similar boards which are in stock.

Fiddle Bow Knives available in Cherry, Walnut & Maple
Great for slicing the softest breads.

Handcrafted Walnut Chopping Block with Padauk and Maple stripes

Wooden Serving Board Handcrafted from Exotic Hardwoods--African Padauk and Australian Lacewood



Handcrafted Wooden Cutting Boards available in two sizes.

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